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Feel the Thunder From Down Under ! What is THUNDERSTRUCK? It is a unique but transparent combination of known ingredients dosed specific to work as a super testosterone/estrogen inhibitor with Laxogenin and the super pump ingredient S7 to feel “The Thunder From Down Under.”

Psycho Pharma suggests using ThunderStruck for three to four months continuously, followed by a 30-60 day break.

The first thing you will notice is the S7 pump in any “muscle group” being used and in other areas of the body you may think about using…

Included is a 75mg dose of  Arimestane, which will greatly help you lean your core and reduce any puffiness in the chest or love handles.

You will very soon show more vascularity and the natural testosterone ingredients are dosed at a high level to be felt in noticeable strength gains and in your general well-being as a man on a mission! 

Psycholabs ThunderStruck

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